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Why We Hunt

More than a sport. More than a business.
Our Story

Where it All Began

From childhood Jaco, your outfitter & host, has had a passion for hunting and all places wild. At a young age, he joined his father on several safaris. Here he was able to hone his bush skills and spend as much time as possible in the bushveld of South Africa’s Lowveld fascinated and captivated by wildlife and nature.

After completing high school in 1997, Jaco pursued a degree in Zoology and Botany and finally completed his professional hunting license in 2000. Here he could not only fulfil his hunting dreams but also spend all available time completely absorbed in nature and all its splendour.

During his apprenticeship, he gained valuable experience in Dangerous game hunting in the Southern African region Including Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana. He was fortunate enough to hunt and learn from industry leaders at the time.


The Kwalata Way

We continue to invest and grow our relationship with African communities in both South Africa and Mozambique. We have experienced first hand the value of community involvement in conservation. The modern-day safari industry is so much more than just a “feeding program”.

It is for exactly this reason that Kwalata actively engages and involves the communities where we operate in the training of safari staff, antipoaching teams and professional hunters. This provides an educational & financial incentive to communities, ensuring the survival of Africa’s last wild places.

The Hunt

What to Expect

Jaco is well known for being passionate with regards to anything “Leopard” during his 20+ year career as well as most of his later childhood he would often spend hours on end searching for leopard sign and activity. This obsession has grown stronger and stronger over time directly translating into a hunter’s success over the last 17 years. His passion for nature and firm beliefs in consumptive sustainable wildlife management plan’s as conservation tools are the basis of all he does. His hardworking never say die attitude has and will continue to contribute to all clients success.

Kwalata safaris, previously Kwalata Wilderness was started in 1988 since then Kwalata has changed ownership once with Jaco completing an asset purchase of the company in 2020. As a previous director of Kwalata Safaris Jaco and his wife Lindie are now the sole proprietors of Kwalata Safaris. Kwalata’s 33-year legacy is rooted in Ethical, sustainable hunting practices, this legacy has never held more firm and is the basis of all Kwalata’s actions. We are passionate about all we do and guarantee every hunter with an ethical consummate safari hunting experience.

Since 1988

Vastly experienced and trusted in the industry, we have been hunting the African continent since 1988.

Excellent Areas

We are known for having secured some of the most fantastic hunting blocks in Southern Africa. Vast open areas well managed for decades will ensure top quality trophies. 

Experienced Guides

We pride ourselves in not cutting any corners when it comes to client experience, and least of all when it comes to your guides. With Kwalata you will be hunting with some of the best PH’s in the industry. 

Fair Pricing

Our focus is first and foremost on the quality of your experience. After ensuring your hunt will be the best possible, we also double-check that your Safari is of great value. 

Ready for an Experience like no other?

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