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Code of Ethics

Pioneer Safaris Hunting Ethics

Pioneering Ethics

We are always committed. 

We work in an industry which is currently under severe scrutiny by people who are uneducated on the topic, but passionate about their cause. This influences our business, but more importantly our clients’ personal lives. Our clients are lovers of nature & the outdoors and people who believe in living a good life as taught to them by the generations of old. This too, is embedded deep in the roots of Pioneer Safaris. 

Our code of ethics is not just words on paper but a way of life for everyone in our company. Whether we are touring, hunting or embarking on epic adventures, Pioneer Safaris will always be committed to: 

  • Adhere to any & all laws of the Republic of South Africa, our country of origin and base from where we operate. This includes the strict hunting regulations & laws set out by the Republic. This extends to all other nations where and if we operate in their territories.
  • Be open & transparent to our clients regarding their expectations, costs involved & any and other queries they might have.
  • Never take any actions which will hurt the local communities.
  • Support local communities by embracing and utilizing local talent and skills.
  • Never take any action which will damage the long-term population of any species.
  • Invest in anti-poaching activities & the promotion of security measures for African wildlife.
  • Hunt fair-chase, meaning we will not be participating in any activities where animals are subject to cruelty or suffering resulting from irresponsible behaviour, unnecessary risk-taking, undue pressure, or inhumane practises.
  • Never hunt “canned” animals, which means we will never partake in walk-up shootings. Animals hunted by Pioneer Safaris will always live a good, wild & free life on the reserve, private reserve, or game ranch where we hunt.
  • Manage our game populations in pursuit of the perfect balance between maximum game numbers and the carrying capacity of the habitat.
  • Partner with local government and NGO’s to further the prosperity of the local people, habitats & animals.
  • Give back to our communities, as set out in our social responsibility declaration. 
  • Contribute to charity through our Help Hunt for Hunger project, where we donate the meat hunted by our clients to old age homes, orphanages & farmers struck by natural disasters.