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African Hunting Safari Cost

Africa offers the most diverse range of species in the world, with some being more abundant and less regulated than others which leads to varying costs across the board. Another key factor is that many outfitters are not fully transparent and additional costs stack up once you are in country. So let’s investigate, with real world examples, what an African Hunting Safari should cost.
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The Only Planning Guide You Will Ever Need for Hunting in Africa

So, you’ve booked your Safari! Now, it’s time to plan, prepare, and pack. In this post we give you a checklist that you can follow and be certain you are ready for the greatest adventure of your life! Your hunting trip is an expensive adventure, so make use of this guide to ensure you are as ready as you can be! Let’s look at everything you need.
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African Hunting Safari Destinations

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding African Hunting Safaris

Before you can book a hunting trip, it would be of great benefit to understand Africa & African hunting first. This post is the ultimate guide to understanding hunting in Africa. Hunting in Africa is deemed the most exhilarating adventure an outdoorsman can embark on. But a hunting trip to the Dark Continent does leave most with a couple of questions. Let’s address them.
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We Like to Write

Those of you who know us, also know that as much as we love having fun, when the sun sets and the dust settles, we like to gain and share knowledge with a world of hunters. Here, we write about this.

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