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About our Rate Options

Experience Africa Your Way

To us, it is important that you experience Africa YOUR way. We know that you work hard for your money, and we respect your budget & value your expectations. That is why we bring you three day-rate options: Economy, Luxury & Splendour. 

Pioneer’s “Economy” option is a first for the African hunting industry. In simple terms we are now offering the resident hunting experience to international clients. You are accommodated in the same luxurious lodges as all our clients but have few included line items ensuring a much lower day-rate. You can add optional meals, services & other items as and when you wish. Economy is an exciting new option which is opening Africa up to the new generation of hunters. 

Luxury” is what most hunters who know Africa has come to expect. Luxurious accommodations, three meals with a three-course dinner, daily cleaning & laundry, drinks and beverages, and many more included services and amenities to ensure you have an amazing time. At Pioneer however, we take the experience you expect to a whole new level.

Our “Splendour” option is exactly what it sounds like. From hunting services and gear to lodge accommodations and staff; everything is as you would expect it to be in a world-class, 5-star lodge – but for hunting! If you are the type of man who has spent unimaginable number of hours to achieve your goals, it is only fair that you treat yourself to Splendour!

Please view the below pricing guide, or the detailed comparison at the bottom of this page for more details.


Affordable, resident-style Hunting experience.
$150/ day
Practically identical to what African residents prefer when going on a hunting Safari, it includes the essentials and is perfect for a minimum group of four experienced hunters.
  • Booking Party Size: 4-24 persons
  • Stay @ Berchtesgaden Game Ranch.
  • Breakfast & self-catering facilities.
  • On-tab honesty bar.
  • PH & hunting vehicle on-site.
  • Skinning & Salting.
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Everything you would expect, then a little more.
$320/ day
What you have come to expect from African hunting Safaris, but with a little something extra as Pioneer always does. A luxurious, all-inclusive Safari experience which will keep you coming back. 
  • Max Party Size: 16 persons
  • Stay @ Any Hunting Block.
  • All meals and applicable snacks.
  • House drinks & spirits.
  • PH per client as booked.
  • All services included.
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Crafted Safaris for the discerning traveller.
$850/ day
The epitome of African royal treatment. Expect a five-star luxurious Safari, with exceptional attention to hunting, dining, service, and accommodations. 
  • Max Party Size: 8 persons
  • Five-star safari lodge concession. 
  • Professional chef & dedicated staff. 
  • All available drinks & spirits.
  • Dedicated Professional Hunter.
  • Five-star Catering.
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Prefer the more traditional luxury Safari option?

Then let’s get started. The luxury option is the more traditional hunting Safari to which most hunters will have become accustomed. If this is what you are looking for, we have a couple of ways for you to get started: 

Detailed Rate Comparison

Economy Luxury Splendour
Decription Affordable, resident-style Hunting experience. Everything you would expect, then a little more. Crafted Safaris for the discerning traveller.
  • Groups of 4 PAX or larger
  • Highly Customizable.
  • Highly Customizable.
  • Our Main Lodge, Berchtesgaden
  • Any Hunting Concession
  • 5-star Safari Lodge at a Concession
  • Continental breakfast, with all other meals being self catering.
  • Free grocery shopping services are included.
  • Additional meals may be ordered with 24hr notice.
  • All meals are included in your daily rates or package fee.
  • Snacks available where applicable.
  • Private chef at your beckoning.
  • Free unlimited water.
  • On-tab honesty Bar.
  • All Soft Drinks, Juices & Beer.
  • Selected Local Wine (Red & White).
  • Selected Local Spirits (Brandy, Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Rum)
  • All drinks, wine & spirits available in the bar.
  • Special drinks? Talk to us to make arrangements.
  • One on-site Professional Hunter for your hunting party.
  • Additional PH's may be arranged at cost.
Depending on your booking:
  • One PH for every hunter
  • Or, one PH for every hunting pair
  • Every hunter has a dedicated Professional Hunter to take care of your every need.
  • Daily Laundry.
  • Daily Firewood.
  • Skinning Services.
  • All-Inclusive Catering Experience.
  • In-country Travel.
  • Daily Laundry.
  • Daily Housekeeping.
  • Field preparations & skinning.
  • Rifle care & sighting.
  • Five-star Catering Experience.
  • In-country Travel.
  • Daily Laundry.
  • Daily Housekeeping.
  • Field preparations & skinning.
  • Rifle care & sighting.
  • $150 per hunter
  • Min. 4 hunters
  • $100 per non-hunter
  • $320 p.p: 2 hunters x 1 PH
  • $400 p.p: 1 hunter x 1 PH
  • $220 per non-hunting adult
  • $145 per ≤13 children
  • $850 per Hunter
  • $700 per non-hunter.