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Pioneer Economy Option

Economy Budget Option

An affordable hunting Safari option is important to us, as it is the best way that we can help in opening African Hunts to the world. We believe that by creating not cheap hunting Safaris, but substantial value African hunting trips, everyone can enjoy the majesty of Africa. But what defines “good value” when it comes to your hunting Safari? Is it the taste of the food, the hospitality of the staff, or the price of the trip? We believe it is all these but even more it is your freedom to choose your own hunting experience. Your freedom to decide for yourself what you want, and what you don’t.

Perfect For:

Affordable African Hunting Safaris with Friends

Family & Friend Groups

What can be better than a hunting Safari with all your friends or family? With over 50% off on our day rates with Economy, this is now a reality. Gather them around and let them know that it is time to start planning on the trip of a lifetime!

Safari Style Open Truck Hunting in Africa affordable hunting safari for the working man

The African Dreamer

African Safaris is nothing more than a dream for most hunters from around the globe. The prohibitive cost of Hunting Safaris is due to it traditionally being all inclusive and very luxurious. But if you don’t need that, why force you into it? With our Economy option you are in control of what is important to you. Hunting in Africa is now affordable for all!

Corporate Hunting Safari Africa Affordable

Corporate Groups

There used to be a time where a corporate retreat meant doing daring things and challenging your colleagues – nowadays it seems like therapists and language lessons are the norm. We challenge you to never do that again and take your company on a hunting adventure! 

The Details:

With Pioneer Safari’s Economy option, we give you the freedom to make your own choice when it comes to what should be included in your Safari. Our Economy Budget option should not be mistaken as a watered-down experience, however. You make use of the same luxurious accommodations and hunt the same exceptional trophies. The main difference between our other options and the Economy option, is that the latter is not all-inclusive. For example, a continental breakfast is included, but lunch and dinner are self-catering where we give you all the facilities, but you prepare the meals. However, you have the freedom to also order your meals from the kitchen. With Economy, you are in control of the budget. 

Pioneer’s Economy budget option gives hunters an affordable hunting Safari option, with plenty of affordable hunting packages. Hunting packages on this budget option are discounted as we can save you the extra costs by not including the line items you might feel unnecessary. Far from being a cheap hunting Safari in terms of quality, we have taken great care to still give hunters an exceptional African hunting Safari, but removed all the bloat, so you can have the best African hunting Safaris without the expensive hunting rates.

An African Safari from as little as $100 per day
Non-Hunters $100 p.d Hunters $150 p.d

What to Expect:

Affordable Hunting Safari Local Style Africa

Hunt like the Locals

Hunt the same way as South African residents and bring down the cost of your trip by over 50%. If you feel you can live without the luxuries, this discounted African hunting Safari is for you. 


We include only in your costs what the South African regulations on international hunt guiding requires of us to add. Everything else is an available option for you to choose. This leaves you with an affordable African hunting Safari option.

Hunt as much or as little as you want

By law, you need a qualified Professional Hunter when hunting in Africa. So, we give your group one of the best in the game. If your group is large and you plan to shoot a lot of animals, you can add more guides to your Safari. 

affordable hunting safari Africa Large Group

The more, the merrier

By requiring a party of at least four people to book the Pioneer economy option, we can predict costs and use economies of scale to bring you the ultimate affordable African hunting Safaris. 

Predictable meals & drinks

Hunters may choose their own meal & drinks options. This means that our kitchen and barman know exactly what to expect when you visit us, and nothing goes to waste due to excess. Traditionally these are a huge cost. 


Being the sole owners of a well-established hunting estate, with 30 beds available, come with a couple of advantages that other outfitters don’t have. Chief of which, we make our own rules & we set our own price, so that we can welcome hunters from around the globe and open African hunts to all! 

Your Greatest Adventure Ever is Waiting

A Breakdown of Affordable Hunting Safaris

Economy Hunting

Hunter: $150 per day

Non-Hunter: $100 per day

Note! Economy is only available for booking parties of four or more hunters.


  • Accommodation at Berchtesgaden
  • All Lodge Amenities
  • On-site Professional Hunter
  • Hunting vehicle
  • Continental Breakfast and Hot Drinks
  • Full Self-Catering Facilities
  • Grocery Shopping Services
  • Meat cut from your hunted species
  • Skilled tracker
  • Skinning & Salting Services
  • Unlimited Still Water
  • Daily Laundry
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Daily Firewood 
  • All Government Taxes


  • Hunting Tags, as per Pricelist
  • Rifle Hire & Ammunition 
  • Additional Hunting Guides
  • Lunch or Dinner
  • In Country Transport
  • Day Trips
  • Taxidermy Transportation

Additional Charges to Note:

  • International Flights
  • All taxidermy and or dipping, packing and shipping of crate containing hunted species
  • Gratuities to professional hunter and staff


Your stay will be at our family estate in the Waterberg biosphere in the Limpopo province of South Africa. This lodge is a well-known hunting estate in South Africa much loved by our international & resident clients alike. You can learn more about it here.

Compare our Hunting Rate Options

Detailed Rate Comparison

Economy Luxury Splendour
Decription Affordable, resident-style Hunting experience. Everything you would expect, then a little more. Crafted Safaris for the discerning traveller.
  • Groups of 4 PAX or larger
  • Highly Customizable.
  • Highly Customizable.
  • Our Main Lodge, Berchtesgaden
  • Any Hunting Concession
  • 5-star Safari Lodge at a Concession
  • Continental breakfast, with all other meals being self catering.
  • Free grocery shopping services are included.
  • Additional meals may be ordered with 24hr notice.
  • All meals are included in your daily rates or package fee.
  • Snacks available where applicable.
  • Private chef at your beckoning.
  • Free unlimited water.
  • On-tab honesty Bar.
  • All Soft Drinks, Juices & Beer.
  • Selected Local Wine (Red & White).
  • Selected Local Spirits (Brandy, Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Rum)
  • All drinks, wine & spirits available in the bar.
  • Special drinks? Talk to us to make arrangements.
  • One on-site Professional Hunter for your hunting party.
  • Additional PH's may be arranged at cost.
Depending on your booking:
  • One PH for every hunter
  • Or, one PH for every hunting pair
  • Every hunter has a dedicated Professional Hunter to take care of your every need.
  • Daily Laundry.
  • Daily Firewood.
  • Skinning Services.
  • All-Inclusive Catering Experience.
  • In-country Travel.
  • Daily Laundry.
  • Daily Housekeeping.
  • Field preparations & skinning.
  • Rifle care & sighting.
  • Five-star Catering Experience.
  • In-country Travel.
  • Daily Laundry.
  • Daily Housekeeping.
  • Field preparations & skinning.
  • Rifle care & sighting.
  • $150 per hunter
  • Min. 4 hunters
  • $100 per non-hunter
  • $320 p.p: 2 hunters x 1 PH
  • $400 p.p: 1 hunter x 1 PH
  • $220 per non-hunting adult
  • $145 per ≤13 children
  • $850 per Hunter
  • $700 per non-hunter.