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Martin Snyman

Head PH & Camp Master


Martin Snyman

Martin is the son-in-law of our MD, married to his eldest daughter Anke. Martin is an exceptionally experienced and very capable professional hunter. Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Martin knew from an incredibly early age what his calling was. Knowing his life only had one path that would satisfy his thirst for adventure, Martin secured professional hunting apprenticeship opportunities and worked on various game ranches as soon as he was able to legally wield a firearm. He continued to qualify himself as much as possible by attending and completing his degree in Zoology at the University of Potchefstroom. 

Since then, Martin has been a full-time professional hunter, with thousands of days of professional guiding under his name. Martin has guided and personally hunted most game species available in Africa. He has set up, managed, or hunted in some of the most remote areas of the continent including South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe & Mozambique. 

Martin is the Head professional hunter (PH) and the camp master of Pioneer. He is in charge of scouting the most excellent game in our operating areas and ensuring that your hunt, accommodations, and hunting staff are always exceeding your expectations. 

When in camp, clients will spend most of their time with Martin who is personally available taking care of all hunters. Martin is often assisted by contracted professional hunters who we have carefully selected for when more than two hunters are in camp. Our clients rightfully describe Martin as a very capable hunter and values him for his attention to details when it comes to their hunts. Every night, Martin can be found around the campfire exchanging adventurous tales and the most comic stories you’ve ever heard from his time all over remote Africa. 

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