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Social Responsibility

Help Hunt for Hunger

Pioneering the Help Hunt for Hunger Movement

2019 – Where it started

Pioneer Safaris has always been committed to giving back, but in 2019 we made the executive decision to make giving back an official company policy. Our start in aggressive social responsibility started in 2019, when we took hands with a local South African non-profit and did our part in feeding over 6500 children on a weekly basis with fresh game meat hunted by our clients. We were immensely proud of our part in this project and decided we can do even more in the years that followed. 

2020 Onwards

After the initial success and the great feedback from our early activities, Pioneer Safaris decided to reach out to our international clientele to get involved. We created the Help Hunt for Hunger project, a joint project with the original NGO we worked with, the South African Agri Initiative and ourselves. The HH4H project offers international hunters a drastically discounted hunting opportunity in Africa, where we process the meat harvested by international hunters specifically for donation purposes. 

2022 – Where we Are

Farmers are the backbone of rural communities, often donating as much as they can to their local towns and organizations. Regular aid in the form of money & food on which old age homes & orphanages rely is now unavailable due to the extreme drought farmers were facing for 7 years, and the current severe flooding across the nation. Our 2022 Help Hunt for Hunger project is aimed at stepping in where the farmers across South Africa left off until they are back on their feet. 

Get Involved Today 

Support our cause? Why not rally your hunting buddies and do one of the best things a man can do on this planet: help feed those we need it most. From as little as $3,000 you will personally feed an entire orphanage for a week. Bring 3 hunting buddies with you and you’ll support those in need for an entire month! All while spending 7 all-inclusive days at our luxury lodge, with 4 hunting tags: Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Blesbuck & Warthog. 

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