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African Hunting Safari

Pioneer Safaris is a leading, family-owned, African hunting company. We are a Gold Certified Outfitter, and life members of SCI & PHASA. Pioneer operates mainly from our two privately owned hunting estates in South Africa, and for the very adventurous offer Safaris at our Kalahari Desert & Mozambican Forest concessions. 

We offer hunting opportunities on over 45 African species which include plains game (Eland, Kudu, Nyala, Impala, Sable, etc.), the dangerous seven (Lion, Elephant, Hippo, Crocodile, etc.) and have a specialized concession just 5km’s from our front gate for the colour variants & various slams. 

Whichever area a hunter wishes to hunt, or no matter the species you had in mind, Pioneer has been providing it to our clients for years. 

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Destinations African Hunting Safaris

Hunting Destinations

We utilize our well-established connections across Africa and our two privately owned hunting estates in South Africa, to bring hunters only the absolute best destinations. 

Hunting safari Packages Affordable Deals

Deals & Packages

Experience has taught us what the most popular hunting Safaris are, so we’ve created a range of exceptional, affordable, discounted African hunting Safari packages. 

Custom hunting Safaris Premier Africa

Customized Hunts

Many hunters, especially those returning to Africa, prefer a more customized hunt. For you, we’ve created an easy custom Hunt Builder, or feel free to contact us. 

Dangerous Buffalo Lion Leopard Elephant Hunting Safaris

Dangerous Game Hunts

Expert dangerous game hunters, the Pioneer team under leadership of our Head PH have hunted Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Crocs, Hippos & more across the African continent. 

Plains Game Safari Kudu Eland Impala Sable Africa

Plains Game Hunting

Plains Game is the backbone of any African Hunting Safari. Africa offers a wide range of species available in exceptional quality & quantity at all our destinations. 

Bow Hunting Safari Africa

Bow Hunting

We see Bow Hunting as a unique & specialized form of Hunting. That is why we’ve teamed up with Africa’s leading bow specialists to create the ultimate experience. 

Budget Affordable Hunting Safari Africa Cheap

Budget Options

This is your Safari, so it should be your choice. With Pioneer you have an option between Economy, Luxury & Splendour to ensure that you get, and you pay what you want. 

Ultimate Premier Hunting Safari Roosevelt Expedition

Roosevelt Expeditions

The ultimate African hunting experience where we combine the best of hunting & travel to bring you a unique, bespoke, not to be found anywhere else, adventure.

Travel Tour Adventure Africa Outdoorsmen

Non-Hunting Trips

Pioneer is not only a leading hunting outfit, but also the travel company of choice for outdoorsmen who wish to explore Africa on photographic Safaris & adventures.

For Outdoorsmen, By Outdoorsmen.

The Ultimate African Experience

With Pioneer Safaris you hunt ethically, fair, mature specimens in a manner which will leave you exhilarated, yet relaxed. We always aim to get you the best trophy on offer in a specific area, but this does not take precedence over our responsibility to hunt old, mature animals. Most of the animals we hunt are old bulls & rams with excellent character, which naturally correlates to exceptional trophies with impressive measurements and features.

Pioneer Safaris is a family-owned operation which not only guarantees attention to detail, but also flexibility when it comes to matching a client’s expectations. This allows us to offer plains game, dangerous game, and specialized game species at either of our two exclusive hunting estates, or any of our other hunting concessions. It is all about what you as a hunter want. 

Pioneer Safaris is a valued Safari Club International Life Member, and a Hunt Africa Gold Certified Outfitter.

Why Pioneer Safaris?


We are children of Africa. We where gifted this immensely special piece of land by our fathers and we shall pass it on in an equal or better condition to our children. At the centre of all we do is an immense effort towards conservation. We invite you to come experience this first hand.

We're Your People

Pioneer Safaris is created for Outdoorsmen, by Outdoorsmen. What this means is that when you travel and book with Pioneer you are speaking to people who not only understand but live your way of life. We believe in the same traditions and live by the same values as you.

Safari Experts

With centuries of experience travelling Africa and an equal number of personal connections across the continent, Pioneer Safaris find ourselves in the unique position to offer guests an experience unmatched by any of our competitors. Booking with Pioneer is a guarantee of a brilliant time!

No Hidden Costs

We are honest and transparent in everything we do. Our costs will always include what you expect it to, and we will clearly state the things it doesn’t. Our reputation as a trustworthy partner for your African adventures is one we have worked hard to gain, and we will always strive to build on it further.

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Our Promise

We’ve changed everything – for the better. Pioneer Safaris is not a hunting outfit, tour operator or adventure company. We are all if it, yet none of it. We are an African company built for outdoorsmen, by outdoorsmen. We want you to know that everyone you are dealing with has a passion for the Wilderness equal to your own.

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Cost: Dependant Area: Limpopo, Natal, Mozambique


Cost: $8000 Area: Limpopo, Natal, Mozambique