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African Lion [Panthera leo leo]

While the buffalo is frequently regarded as the most perilous of African wildlife, the lion is likely the most well-known, revered, and feared of the Big Five. He weighs between 400 and 500 pounds, making him the biggest African cat by a fair margin. He is almost 4 feet tall at the shoulders and around 10 feet long from head to tail. yet, somehow, his physical characteristics is only the start of his fear striking abilities. 

A good lion kill represents a significant accomplishment for both the hunter and the safari team as it is a prized trophy. When agitated or injured, lions can be incredibly lethal. The likelihood of additional Lions joining the action must constantly be taken into account. Age, mane, head size, and total body size all affect how trophy-worthy a horse is. Both males and females make excellent trophies, but for many hunters traveling to Africa, a big-maned male is regarded as the top trophy.

The best lion hunting in Africa is available from Pioneer Safaris since we conduct fair-chase African lion hunting in the Kalahari region, close on the Botswana border. It’s thrilling to find a Lion trail in the Kalahari’s sandy soil and to then stalk across the sparse grass and brush numerous times until you are within shooting distance. Under the close supervision of our skilled and reputable dangerous game Professional Hunters, this is big game hunting at its finest. When you make a reservation for a lion hunt with Pioneer Safaris, get ready for an experience unlike any other!

Learn About this Species


  • Female lions are up to 30% smaller than a lion male.
  • The lioness is often much more aggressive than the male of the species.
  • Lions may consume up to 25% of their own body weight in a single feeding.
  • Between the age of 2 to 3 years, male lions develop their mane. 
  • Some males remain maneless, but their size and muscle structure does not seem to be affected by the same condition. 
  • Lions do not have the best stamina of the African predators. This is why, when pushed, a lion may flee for a short period of time, but quickly change strategies and turn the tables on the threat. 
  • What lions lack in stamina, they make up for in pace and power. Lions in their prime cover 100 yards in 3.5 seconds and have been recorded to keep this pace for up to 8 seconds. They are also calculated to have 4x the strength-to-weight of humans. Combine this with the 4-inch canines you find on this 550 pound beast and you have a formidable killing machine. 
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