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Our Story

Who is Pioneer?

Today, Pioneer Safaris is recognized as the premier travel company for outdoorsmen offering hunts, tours & various outdoor adventures. But we never forget our roots. Pioneer Safaris had its start as a humble sister company of a well-known Dude Ranch in South Africa. This ranch, Berchtesgaden, remains our main hunting lodge for Pioneer hunting clients and has seen so many lifelong memories made. 

Pioneer is a family run company with the management team consisting of Johannes Kleinhans, along with his son, and son-in-law. This family affair is more than mere business as traveling Africa and exploring the unexplored is deeply engraved into the family – over 60 years of combined travel experience among our management alone stands as testament to this fact. 

Pioneer Safaris is created by outdoorsmen, for outdoorsmen, to ensure that never again anyone will leave Africa without being in complete awe. Whether you are hunting, exploring or adrenaline chasing, when you book with Pioneer, you will experience Africa like never before!

The Pioneer Vision

From the very first day, Pioneer Safaris had a clear vision of what we want for every outdoorsman from around the globe. Formed as a coalition between three partners, all of which have been integral to the African Safari scene for decades, our core mission is to create the ultimate & single African travel company for outdoorsmen offering Hunts, Tours & Adventures. Together the managing members of Pioneer have over 60 years of experience traveling, hunting, and understanding the dark continent. We use this experience and the connections we have built across the continent to help you experience Africa in all its majesty. 


For Outdoorsmen

With Pioneer Safaris, you come first. And we don’t mean that in a salesy way as every other company does, we mean in it in the way that we will not rest, we will not stop, we will not be happy until you have experienced the best African adventure you can ever imagine! That is our promise to you. Always.


By Outdoorsmen

Our team is made up of family-orientated outdoorsmen with an undeniable love for adventure and nature. With a combined 60+ years of exploring and discovering Africa’s hidden treasures, we are one of the very few companies who can boast with adventures you will not be able to get enough of! 


Africa with Pioneer Safaris

Crafting the absolute best Safari on the African continent starts long before we learn your name. Our extremely stringent selection process is the first step where our panel of African Safari Experts dismisses a vast number of potential partners and locations for any shortcoming – big or small.

Taking this very precise group of operators & approved locations, we plan and organize your experiences into three categories (Tour, Hunt & Adventure) to ensure that your expectations are met down to the finest hair. Pioneer Safaris promises an experience unlike any other.

Our Management Team

Johannes Kleinhans

Managing Director

Throughout his life, Johannes has travelled Africa extensively for both business and pleasure, embarking on self-managed Safaris & tours into the deepest parts of the dark continent.

Adolf Kleinhans

Travel & Marketing

Adolf oversees Pioneer’s non-hunting travel divisions and the marketing efforts of the company. Adolf is often your first point of contact with Pioneer and a regular sight around the hunting camp.

Martin Snyman

PH & Camp Master

Martin is the head PH and camp master of Pioneer. He oversees scouting the most excellent game in our operating areas and ensures that we always exceed your expectations. 

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