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Impala (Southern)

Southern Impala

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Impala [Aepyceros melampus].

This is the most common antelope of the bushveld, and most other African regions. A very graceful, rufous-fawn antelope, with white underparts, measuring approximately 900mm at the shoulders. Rams weigh around 60 Kg and ewes 40 Kg.

A black stripe extends from the top of the rump down the back of each thigh. The lower hind legs have glands beneath tufts of black hair. Only the rams have horns which are lyre-shaped and reach a length of 700mm.

Impala hunting is ideal for the first time African hunter, and essential to any hunter’s trophy collection. The optimum time to hunt impala is in the autumn rut when the breeding herds typically yield the most stunning trophies. Due to the impala antelope’s excellent eyesight, sharp hearing, and sense of smell, hunting them can be difficult. For your impala hunt to be effective, you must make thoughtful and planned stalks. When scared, impalas also flock together, making it possible to hit multiple animals with a single shot. Impala also do not tend to wait around, if these antelope catch a sniff of humans, they tend to start with their harmonious and well-recognized snort shortly before they dash for the nearest place, they feel safe. 

While it is allowed to hunt impala with a.22 centerfire in the majority of Southern African nations, the 6mm, 7mm, and up to the 30 calibers are likely a far better option if you don’t want to spend the majority of the day pursuing injured impala. The reputation of high-quality, heavy-for-caliber round-nose bullets for use in bushveld environments, which is where you are most likely to be, is good. When hunting impala, the high heart/lung shot is likely to be your best option because this medium-sized antelope is tough for his size. If you’re aiming for meat, the high lung shot will prevent more meat from spoiling.

Hunting Impala is almost routine for our hunting guides, and along with the affordable price it is a great African hunt for first time African hunters, youngsters, Leopard bate or just is filler hunts while you pursue your bigger prey. 

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