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Gauteng Province South Africa

Exclusive 20'000 Acre Hunting Estate

Battlefields, Gauteng, South Africa

Battlefields is an 8’000 Hectare (20’000 Acre) hunting ground in South Africa exclusive to Pioneer clients. Aptly named after the many battles fought here during the Anglo-Boer war, this hunting area has not seen gun shots since the early 1990’s. Naturally then, this area is teaming with wildlife and offered the perfect opportunity for Pioneer to partner with the landowners to increase genetic diversity, species quality and habitat management to offer hunters a hunter’s utopia.  

Battlefields form part of Pioneer’s pledge to sustainable use where this area is marked for exclusive hunting use by us & our clients. Over the past couple of years, we have reintroduced hunting here for the first time since the 1990’s when the last shots were fired on this property. When hunting at Battlefields, hunters are welcomed to a vast wild area teaming with wildlife which includes Hippo’s, Rhino’s, Leopard & three tame rehabilitated Elephant. Hunters will discover this incredible hunting area as a place where not only excellent hunting is done, but continuous efforts are put forth to ensure regeneration of the Africa of old. 

We only accept a limited number of hunters on battlefields each year, so make sure to book your hunt will in advance to secure your spot!


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