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Northwest Province South Africa

An unforgiving landscape where dangerous predators thrive

Kalahari Desert, Northwest Province, South Africa

With its unforgiving, yet stunning landscapes, our Kalahari Desert hunting concession is known for great hunting, and truly first-class lions. In the Kalahari, you are met with extremes. Extreme in temperatures, extreme in animal size, and extreme in species diversity.

The Kalahari is home to one of the most diverse populations of wildlife in Africa. On the small side the list would include the barking gecko, meerkat, snakes, pangolin, honey badger and steenbok while at the other end of the scale you’ll encounter springbok, wildebeest, sable, roan, and the majestic eland.

Predators are abounding in this area, and on the small side include the fox, caracal, jackal and brown hyenas with the larger predators, cheetah, leopard and finally the infamous Kalahari lions roaming these lands in considerable numbers. These predators may be encountered or glassed during a normal day’s hunt with Pioneer and will certainly be part of the night sounds when you are back in camp.


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